Bertucci® B-Type Elastic Stretch Over Bands

The Bertucci® Stretch Over™ Elastic band utilizes our B-Type format, but in a durable elastic material specifically designed for Bertucci® A-2, A-3, A-6 and B-1 case watches or most other 22 mm lug opening watches, this elastic material will stretch up to 5 to 5 1/2 inches (13-14 cm). The U.S. Patented design offers several benefits:
1) it can be very easily taken on / off without having to unbuckle the band as the band will stretch over your hand (good for people with arthritis too)
2) for colder weather activities, while wearing a jacket and/or gloves, the band will stretch over your jacket for fast and convenient viewing
3) as the material is soft and pliable, its comfortable and conforming... sitting well on wrist or forearm
4) for frequent hand washing, the band can be quickly and easily be slid up your wrist.

The Stretch Over™ band is for action orientated people- versatile, secure, comfortable, fast accessible... perfect for keeping both hands free in activities like working, hiking, climbing, skiing, hunting, etc. One size fits all.

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