Bertucci® Certified Pre-Owned Watches

Bertucci® Watches available at significant savings. 

Bertucci® Certified Pre-Owned watches have cosmetic blemishes in varying degrees, each however, have been thoroughly checked and have a new battery and band installed.

The watches will vary in age from 1-10 years, however, they have been worn for less than 1 year. Again, all have a new battery and band installed, and have been thouroughly tested. This is backed up by a 1 year warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Service Includes:
• new original OEM band
• new battery
• thoroughly cleaned & sanitized
• case back gasket replaced
• water resistance checked
• time certified
• 1 year warranty

• minor cosmetic blemishes - at least 45% savings over new.

• more significant cosmetic blemishes - at least 50% savings over new.

• more significant cosmetic blemishes, minor crystal marring - at least 55% savings over new.

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